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We believe quality is a practice. At Atlanta Biological Pvt Ltd our commitment to utmost quality and ethics leads to the pursuit of highly stringent standards in all our activities. All our products are manufactured considering WHO-GMP and other global quality standards such as PIC/S, US-FDA, EU-GMP, UK – MHRA etc.

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Trusted Global Health Care Supplier
Compliance With Highest Global Quality Standards
10+ Years Of Credibility In The Field Of Pharmaceutical Suppply To Private Market & Government Authorities Worldwide
200+ Products Registered Over 15+ Countries
Accreditation and Certification
DPML - Ivory Coast
FDA - Myanmar
FDA - Philipines
FDA - Rwanda
FDA- Ghana
ISO - 9001
ISO - 14001
NAFDAC - Nigeria
NDA - Uganda
PMPB - Malawi
PPB - Kenya
ZAMRA - Zambia
+ Products Manufacturing
+ Employees
% Quality Assuarance
+ Cities Covered

We deal with various formulations including Tablets, Capsules, Syrups, Suspensions, Parenterals (Liquid & Lyophilized), Eye/Ear drops & Topical (creams, ointments, gels). Atlanta Biological has an outstanding generic pipeline and all our products are developed under the direction of highly skilled personnel employed by Atlanta Biological Pvt. Ltd. and in collaboration with other global pharmaceutical companies and various research facilities.

  • Anticancer
  • Antimalarial
  • Antidiabetic
  • Antihypertensive
  • Antifungal
  • Erectile Dysfunctions
  • Antiasthmatic/Cough & Cold Preparations
  • Anthelmintic/Antiprotozoal
  • Antiulcer
  • Analgesic & Antipyretic
  • Antiemetic
  • Antibiotics
  • Anti Hiv
  • Sedatives/Tranquilizers/Hypnotics
  • Antitubercular
  • General
Why Atlanta Biological Pvt. Ltd.

Atlanta Biological Pvt. Ltd is a professionally managed global pharmaceutical company with an extensive history of industrial entrepreneurship and an aim to provide quality branded and generic pharmaceutical products all throughout the globe. With broad range of technology platforms, we develop and augment the intellectual property around our product portfolio. Our Vision is to develop cost-effective, safe and potent therapeutic generics and new drugs for specialized segments reaching the human kind round the globe through continuous research so as to provide well being to patients

Global Presence

Atlanta Biological Pvt. Ltd has made its presence in various International markets with strong presence with more than 40 specialty formulations. The international division of Atlanta Biological Pvt. Ltd caters products to Africa, Middle East, South East Asia CIS and South American countries.

Constant Innovation

Atlanta Biological Pvt. Ltd. has collaboration with renowned universities contributing continuously towards global medicine and therapy. This Innovative approach has made Atlanta Biological Pvt. Ltd., a trusted & innovation oriented organisation all across the globe.


Atlanta Biological Pvt. Ltd. is emerging company as a competitive supplier of wide range of affordable medicines all over the globe. They are upto date with current need of market and ready for challenges as well of current technology driven world in medicines.

Divya Tyagi

Manager - Business Operations

Atlanta Biological Pvt. Ltd. is leading supplier by their good logistic support and system. Timely supply of medicines is one of the important demanding requirements of current medicine market which this company is fulfilling well.

V. Rammana

Sr. Executive Logistics

Atlanta Biological Pvt. Ltd is supplier of wide range of formulations meeting wide range of market needs nowadays covering all age group patients across the world.


Head – Supply chain